Protocol for Psychiatric Disorders

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3 Steps approach

We have 3 steps approaching method for diagnosis of symptoms. We decide a formula through our protocol.

  1. Read personal characteristic and emotional status.
  2. Check sleeping quality and digestion & bowl movement conditions.
  3. Identify the trigger episode that caused the mental problem, read the propensity and approaches by synthesizing the physical symptoms.

Theses four conditions are the most important points of the protocol for phychiatric disorders: 1) Sleeping quality 2) Characteristics 3) Emotions 4) Digestive system (especially bowel movement condition).

We try to introduce a direction of treatment to our body with balancing these four basic factors by checking with 3 steps approaching.

After 3 steps approaching by detail anlysis, we can find the personalized treatment method. The keypoint of our treatment protocol is not only find problem in our brain but also in our body.