Rei Yoon ★★★★★

Jiman truly treats well. He knows his stuff. He is traditional wisdom, scientific approach, and compassionate heart put together. My knee is getting so much better. Very honest and nice person he is.

Katherine Ampeso ★★★★★

Besides being an amazing human being, Jiman’s treatments are careful, precise, and tailored to you. He has an array of tools and methods, whether it’s based on acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine, that help him accurately treat an ailment. Of course, the methods aren’t a one-time-cure-all thing, rather improvement can be seen after multiple sessions, but it’s definitely worth the investment. After all, health and wellness are priceless.

Furthermore, Jiman is extremely organized and patient! Although he has a strong foundation in his practice, he is constantly upgrading his technique and knowledge, which testifies to his progressive attitude. If you want to know how or why a symptom happens in the human body, he will take the time to explain to you so you’re fully aware of what is happening and why he treats it a certain way, unlike typical Western doctors who build your profile, see you for 10 minutes, and send you away with a drug prescription.

He not only becomes your healer but also your friend. As someone who has worked with him at Limina Wellness, I have conversed with his clients and received positive feedback. I have received treatment from his as well, and so satisfied with the results, I made my own older parents see him, and they’ve also felt a lot better. Jiman is definitely a man and an acupuncturist you can trust, and I can personally attest to his genuine care, wisdom, and professionalism.

jeff kim ★★★★★

I have been his patient for over 5 months now. I visit him regular base not because I am sick, well muscle pains from trainings, but because my regular check up and his great services/advices. Throughtout the conversations I had with him, I have noticed that he is not a type of guy that a business man trying to sell his products. And he has compassion to make his patients getting better and he is still studying and researching better solution for patient. Therefore, I am very happy that he is a my acupuncturist and I hope he doesn’t retire before I do.😊

Jeff Chibanoff ★★★★★

Excellent experience, have been four times for acupuncture injection therapy for a shoulder injury from rock climbing. After the first visit I could feel it helped. After the second visit almost all the pain was gone. I’d recommend Jiman to anyone with muscle pain. As a bonus it’s extremely relaxing, just don’t forget to stretch after.

bebrave 1986 ★★★★★

His treatment is very holistic and gives a dramatic relief and helps me improve my health by boosting my immune system. 2 thumbs up for Jiman’s good work :)